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The Luxembourg Institute of Health is a public biomedical research organisation. Striving for excellence, its researchers, by their creativity, enthusiasm and commitment, generate knowledge on disease mechanisms and contribute to the development of new diagnostics, innovative therapies and clinical applications that impact the healthcare of Luxembourgish and European citizens. The activities of the Luxembourg Institute of Health are developed within the following research topics: Oncology, Infection and Immunity, Population Health.

At the forefront of biomedical sciences, the Luxembourg Institute of Health is deeply involved in implementing national and international research programs in personalized medicine. It acts as a catalyst for promoting research collaborations with healthcare providers, hospitals and other public and private biomedical organisations. To create economic and societal value, it purposes the transfer of its scientific discoveries and technological developments. As the first supplier of public health information in Luxembourg, it also enables public authorities to make decisions based on scientific data and to communicate validated data to international institutions.

The Luxembourg Institute of Health hosts a large number of trainees, Master students and PhD candidates, affiliated to the University of Luxembourg or to foreign partner universities, as well as postdoctoral scientists specialising themselves in a given research domain. Modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art technologies and a stimulating work environment, guaranteeing quality supervision and training, are provided to these young scientists starting their career.

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Bâtiment Modulaire, 84, Val Fleuri, Luxembourg, L-2160, LU

About our Innovation Strategy

We are currently seeking best-in-class collaboration partners for our publications listed in the tab Opportunities. We want to invite you to cooperate with us, so please repond to any of the opportunities by submitting one or more proposals. Our team will directly evaluate them and get back to you with a response. Please provide as much detailed non-confidential information as possible to facilitate the engagement process.

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Biological SciencesE-HealthInfectious DiseasesMedical Health relatedDiagnostic and 2 more

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