About Research Luxembourg

Research Luxembourg is a unified agile team of thought leaders working to learn, explore and make an impact to shape a better future.

Research Luxembourg is a joint initiative of the main actors in Luxembourg public research, with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, including:

Our vision Become a leader in data-driven research and innovation, to shape a sustainable future for people in Luxembourg, in Europe and in the world.

Our mission Connect all players, in Luxembourg and abroad, to build an agile team and create the best conditions in which talents can foster excellence in research and innovation.

Our story Luxembourg has always been engaged in economic change and diversification. Over the last decade, the political decision to broaden Luxembourg’s activities beyond finance has led to the creation and expansion of a strong research & innovation sector.

This growth mindset has contributed to economic and societal progress. By actively supporting research & innovation through funding and infrastructure, Luxembourg has been able to develop a world-class research university and specialised public research institutes, as well as private enterprises with R&D departments.

Collaboration between academia, industry and government, referred to as the triple helix model of innovation, provides all policy makers with the opportunity to participate in the transformation of each sector. It is a model that has proven to be effective, especially in strengthening digitalisation and sustainable policies over the past few years. Interaction between decision makers is flawless and inclusive. Interdisciplinary collaboration creates a solid implementation chain of policies: fundamental research, leading to applied research, followed by societal and economic innovation.

Luxembourg holds a strategic location at the heart of Europe. It is easily accessible and ideally connected to almost any country. Teeming with opportunities for research & innovation activities, it already benefits from strong international partnerships and connections worldwide, with many academic and business actors. Renowned for being open, dynamic and reliable, Luxembourg is an emerging home for research & innovation, continuously developing its mindset and goals in a spirit of agility and cooperation. All together, these strengths provide the most attractive framework to create research with impact, in Luxembourg, Europe and beyond.